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More than one hundred years after arrived in this world Adam was able to see very little progress outside the Garden; the world at large did not seem to be improving much. The realization of race betterment appeared to be a long way off, and the situation seemed so desperate as to demand something for relief not embraced in the original plans. That is what often passed through Adam’s mind, and he so expressed himself many times to Eve.

These Heavenly Jerusalem being, Adam and Eve, early became aware of the difficulty and complexity of their planetary assignment. Nevertheless, they courageously set about the task of solving their manifold problems. But when they addressed themselves to the all-important work , they were quite dismayed. Here they were, isolated and day by day confronted with some new and complicated tangle, some problem that seemed to be unsolvable.

The Devil, a person, NOT A SERPENT, the falling Prince, paid frequent visits to the Garden and held many conferences with Adam and Eve, but they were adamant to all his suggestions of compromise and short-cut adventures.
But the fallen Prince was persistent and determined. He soon gave up working on Adam and decided to try a wily flank attack on Eve.

After the death of his father, came to the leadership of Nodite tribes announced his intention of establishing an affiliation with the work of Adam and Eve in the Garden. He held many conferences with Adam and Eve — especially with Eve
Not knowing he working in the hands of the Devil, he contended that, if the Nodites, as the most progressive and co-operative people, could have a leader born to them from Eve, it would constitute a powerful tie binding these peoples more closely to the Garden..

For more than five years these plans were secretly matured. At last they had developed to the point where Eve consented to have a secret conference with a spiritual leader of those neighboring Nodites who favored friendly relations with the Garden

Eve had never before met a magnificent specimen of a man, the survival of the superior physique and outstanding intellect in this world before.
Influenced by flattery, enthusiasm, and great personal persuasion, Eve then and there consented to embark upon the much-discussed enterprise, to add her own little scheme of world saving to the larger and more far-reaching divine plan. Before she quite realized what was transpiring, the fatal seed had been sowed It was done. She is pregnant with Cain


The Temptation

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