HERBIE FABULUS talking music

Clifton Joseph sat down with HERBIE FABULUS talking music on the EGLINTON TV POPUP SHOW.
Fabulus, an ex boxer and current business owner, credits his mother for his love of music. He started out early in his native Jamaica, winning Tyson’s first musical talent while in his early teens before moving to Toronto.

He became involved in a number of bands around the city before immersing himself in a budding boxing career. With his boxing days behind him and running a successful business, Fabulus once again has returned to his musical roots and is launching his first E.P. “The Good Man” at the legendary Concert Hall, 888 Yonge St. featuring Leroy Sibbles, Nana McLean, Carl Harvey, Lazah Current, Errol Starr, Steele, Jay Martin and Ryan Hillis.


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